The Trails Guy

The Trails Guy

Enjoying a hike with our good friends Bob & Michele Cooke.

Building Local Trails

Fairfield Glade Trails

There are 20 miles of trails to enjoy in Fairfield Glade. They take you in to the far corner of this beautiful community. The trails are open to the public so stop by and do a little exploring.

Cumberland County Trails

We are adding to the number of hiking trails in Cumberland County. The Cumberland Trail cuts right through the county providing many miles of trails.

Hiking Marathon

The ever popular hiking marathon is a community success story that grows in size every year. In 5 years the number of entries has grown from 300 to 1,800 hikers. It is free to enter: hikers get a T-shirt and dogs get a bandana. You have 30 days to complete 26.2 miles. All at your own pace on the honor system.






Visiting Crossville Inc – the porcelain tile company

Conrad's Facility Tours

Conrad’s Facility Tours has been taking residents to local destinations where they learn more about the wonderful community in which we live.







Don Hazel giving a talk on things to do in East Tennessee

Center for Lifelong Learning

The Center for Lifelong Learning is a new organization that was created in 2019 to provide free classes, mainly to seniors. We had over 500 registrations for our first semester and support continues to grow.

My Family Websites

I have created a number of websites for my family.

Alan Conrad's Years in the RAF
Conrad Evans Cycling Around Australia
Conrad Evans Cycling Across America